Welcome to Housekeeping & Environmental Services..

Here you’ll find that the day-to-day chores that you would ordinarily encounter at home are already taken care of for you during your stay! Within our housekeeping department you’ll find a large group of dedicated staff that manage the laundry, clean rooms, facilitate the daily upkeep and beautification of the building, and prepare every resident’s room prior to their arrival. If you are looking to discharge home, our housekeeping staff will also take care of the packing for you. All you have to do is enjoy the ride home! The services provided by our housekeeping staff are literally “on the house” and are included in the services that you receive with your stay. If you have special needs for laundry or would even like to have your laundry done at home, you may arrange that as well either prior to your admission or during your stay. In housekeeping, we’re happy to help in any way we can.

This may be the one of the  largest facilities in the St. Joseph area, but every room in the house is cleaned every day. Prior to your arrival, your room is “deep cleaned,” prepped, and polished so that it’s all ready to be made your own. Each floor has its own dedicated housekeeping team that is focused on the daily upkeep and cleanliness of each floor. This allows each resident the ability to have a housekeeper close by to take care of any needs that might arise during the day.

If you would like, LaVerna Village will clean your laundry for you! Laundry is done daily, and returned to you the following day. However, we understand that some people are particular about how their laundry is done. So, if you would like for family or friends to take your laundry home, you’re always welcome to do so. You can change your mind at any time and we’re happy to take care of your laundry any time you need it!