LaVerna Village is deeply committed to providing compassionate care to our residents. In 1996, to better serve the elderly population, we added our Special Care Unit. This unit is completely secure, with a beautiful self-contained courtyard. It provides a peaceful and calm environment and is staffed by warm, caring professionals specifically trained in the care of Alzheimer patients and related disorders.
Large 20-Bed Facility, Newly Remodeled
Beautiful, Quiet Park-Like Setting
Low Patient to Staff Ratio for More Personal Attention
Newly Renovated Courtyard for Optimum View
Scheduled Activities Facilitated by Specially Trained Staff
Family Atmosphere Promoted by the Openness of the Unit
Direct Care Staff Receives Special Training to Support
Residents with Alzheimer’s and Related Disorders
Psychiatric Care
Multi-Sensory Stimulation Room 

Enticing aromas, soft music, peaceful scenes, dancing lights, and a calming environment; that is what LaVerna Village’s Multi-Sensory Stimulation Room is made of. It is based on the set up of “snoezelen” rooms.

Snoezelen, pronounced “snooze-lin”, comes from a combination of Dutch words meaning “to doze” and “to sniff”. The first Snoezelen room was created in the 1970’s by young men who worked at Haarendael Institute in Haaren, Netherlands. It was created to provide stimulating yet relaxing activities for children with deep mental deficiencies. Later, Snoezelen rooms were used with senior citizens with Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias.

Residents with dementia become calm and relaxed while in Snoezelen rooms. Some facilities have reported a decrease in the amount of psychotropic medications needed since the Snoezelen rooms have been in place.

The Snoezelen room experience can be tailored to each resident who uses the room. Different senses can be stimulated, individually or simultaneously. Each resident who uses the room for the first time is observed to determine what sensory stimulation they enjoy best.

Our Sensory Enrichment Room is full of things that our residents can interact with. We have an interactive bubble column. Residents are able, with the push of a button, to change the color of the lights and start or stop the bubbles. Residents are also able to interact with the light wheel, changing the pattern and speed of lights. We also have an Arial Puzzle, fur-like pillows, vibrating pillows, and fiber optic strands, as well as a rotating disco ball and colored light ball. We also use aromatherapy, nature scene DVD’s, classical music and nature sounds, comfy seating, pleasing decorations, wind chimes, and other sensory items.

Let us know if you want a tour of the Multi-Sensory Stimulation Room. We’ll be happy to set up a mutually convenient time so that you can experience first-hand what your loved ones will be experiencing. Contact Eva Williams, Activity Director, at (816) 324-3185 ext. 200 or .